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Courses Offered

Bundled Courses

Bundled packages contain a number of courses designed to provide a fundamental knowledge base as well as advanced topics for ultrasound evaluation.  These cover various areas within vascular ultrasound. The venous section topics include many on venous anatomy, hemodynamics and treatments within the vein center as well as expanding into the arterial system.  The vascular package includes other areas in vascular ulatrsound, including arterial, cerebrovascular, renal and a favorite among users, dialysis access.  The topics are arranged separately allowing the user to view at their convenience.   

Ultrasound Courses

Ultrasound is fundamental in the diagnosis and treatment of venous disease.  Here you will find a wide variety of courses that deal with all aspects of ultrasound, organized into multiple sections to allow you to easily find what you need.

Treatment Courses

The treatment options available to the phlebologist are broad and complex.  In this section, experts in venous disease discuss a variety of topics in this challenging area including intraoperative ultrasound.    

Front Office Courses

In order to operate a successful business, a great deal of ancillary information is necessary. Coding and billing procedures, insurance appeals, as well as other management topics are covered here.